The Suppression of Truth

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  1. blmaluso says:

    God bless you! Thank you for speaking the truth. Abortion is horrific…and even more horrific, the baby’s mother is an accomplice:-(

    • Gordon Bland says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is encouraging to have your support. My wife and I have a great heart for helping others not make the same mistake that we did when we were living as atheists. The world wants everybody to believe that abortion is not murder, but we knew it was even when we were unbelievers. Instead, we listened to the world and made excuses as the procedure was done with a pill in the very early stages. Though abortion is horrific, there is forgiveness for those that repent of their sin and have faith in Jesus Christ. He is Lord and if we surrender our lives to bear our own cross for His sake, we will receive salvation so that we too may have eternal life with Him. God bless you!

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