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The Bible calls us to live our lives for God, but it does not call us to live apart from the world. Instead, we live in the world, apart from worldly desires. It is not easy to do after the fall of man for we have inherited a sinful nature. Learn how we are called to respond within the Christian worldview, so that we may be a light upon this darkened world.


Can a Pandemic Glorify God?

At this current time, the world is experiencing a pandemic that is causing many to become ill (over 1 million), and many thousands to die. For logical reasons, people are worried over this current situation. What will the future hold? Will it get far worse, or will it ever stop? What about those that die from Covid-19? While I can point you to hope that is found in Jesus Christ, this article is addressing the existence of such things in the first place.


Important Matters: Eschatology

Eschatology is a subject that greatly fascinates me, and rightfully so. Though the informed, mature Christian or theologian readily recognizes...


The Necessary Defense of Christianity

While Christian theological studies have made great strides to a deeper understanding of Christ in the most recent few hundred...



by Jeffrey Anderson Do you remember when you were in elementary school and up on the wall were pictures of...


Who is God?

When we speak of God, it comes with great difficulty as to not constrain the true nature of God to mere terms of human understanding.[1] Despite the limitations of human understanding and language, we must make some attempt to describe God so that our understanding may grow.