The Necessary Defense of Christianity

While Christian theological studies have made great strides to a deeper understanding of Christ in the most recent few hundred years[1], many of the additions have questioned classical Christology and called into question make ideas once viewed as fundamental truths.[2] From the Enlightenment period onward, there has been significant research into the historical view of Jesus Christ. Some theologians and historians assert that Jesus Christ merely a moral teacher without divinity.[3] Because resurrections do not occur in modern history, it is suggested Christ’s resurrection would not have occurred either.[4] Thus, it is believed by some, the mysticism related to Jesus Christ was merely misunderstandings, thus requiring further research into the “historical Jesus.”[5] This growing attack foisted upon Jesus Christ necessitated defense by traditional Christian views, although the initial response was unsuccessful to mitigate the skepticism.[6] This is still an issue today in which the Christian church must address; however, the faithful will remain unaffected. The attack will merely give the unbelieving population further false reassurance of their disbelief.

Another issue facing Christianity today is the question of its response to the ecological crisis. It must be first determined if an ecological crisis exists; however, if it does indeed exist, then it is certainly an issue of great importance.[7] The creator of this world gave the Earth to humans to be good stewards (Gen. 1:29-30). Although Christians understand the gift of creation to humanity as something to be taken care of, critics argue Christians are indeed the problem, in which the view of being “in God’s image” causes disregard for the environment.[8] This issue does not appear to have an end in sight, so the Christian church should put forth effort to set the record straight. Through education of the faithful and the secular world, damaging practices may be ended along with the poor portrayal of Christianity. Through defense of Christianity, not only will non-believers have their questions answered, but the body of Christ will be edified, and the Lord will be glorified.

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