Agape Ministry exists as a work of love to help others. Unfortunately, nothing in this world is free, except salvation in Jesus Christ. For ministry to continue, there are bills to be paid, and this website is no exception. We have web hosting, website tools, and other ministry expenses each month. Currently, all of the money is paid out of pocket, and with wages earned from the occasional preaching.

We have been blessed to have a few donations from a few gracious donors, but occasional donations do not keep the bills paid. We do our best to keep costs down, and luckily, I have a background in computer science, so we do not need an admin for the host, costly managed hosting, or even a web developer. If I were not gifted with these skills from God, I do not know how I’d manage to get this site up, much less keep it running.

When we have some extra funds, we try to advertise on various platforms to reach more lost souls, but that money disappears quickly. When able, we tend to spend only $5-10 on an advertisement campaign, but that lasts only one to three days. We are frugal, often able to reach 100 people for every $1 spent, and then about 5-10% will actually read past the first paragraph. If you feel led to donate, or have been blessed by this ministry, please use one of the methods below to do so. I am looking into further methods that will be the most cost effective, but until then, there are many cryptocurrencies we accept.