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Faith, More Valuable Than Gold

The epistle’s recipients are not known for sure, with some arguing Jewish converts, and others arguing for gentiles. However, it can be concluded that the recipients were first-century Christians who were experiencing a situation that was causing them to have concerns—perhaps the persecution under Nero. The author, historically believed to be Peter, wanted to reassure the readers of their salvation and to encourage them to persevere through their trials.


A Call to Holiness: 1 Peter 1:13-25

Peter calls us to live lives that are focused upon the grace that comes forth from our faith in Jesus Christ. He asserts that in order to do so fully, we must be alert and sober-minded. This is a parallel in that we are to live in expectation of the return of Christ, the Parousia. As many were caught off-guard when Christ first came, not expecting the Messiah at that time, we are not to be caught off-guard again. Just as the prophecy was known that the Messiah was coming, we know Christ will return. So, while we wait for the Parousia, we should conduct our lives accordingly. If a parent leaves their children home alone, it is expected that the children behave as a sign of their maturity, so if a Christian behaves poorly, is it not a sign of spiritual immaturity? For the Lord is Holy, we are called to be conformed to Christ’s image and be holy in our living as well.