Monthly Archive: May 2019


A Call to Holiness: 1 Peter 1:13-25

1 Peter is a letter written during a period of suffering for the early Christian Church (1 Pt. 4:12-19). It is likely written by the Apostle Peter with little dissenting opinion on authorship or...


Yet Another False Teacher…

Yet another false teacher has emerged, writing to USA Today stating, “we muster the courage to face the truth: We got it wrong on gays and lesbians. This shouldn’t alarm or surprise us. We have learned some things that the ancients — including Moses and Paul — simply did not know. Not even Jesus, who was fully human and therefore limited to what first century humans knew, could know about cancer, schizophrenia, atomic energy and a million other things the centuries have taught us.”


Beware of False Teachers

In our post-modern society, we have forgone the sound doctrine that so many great theologians developed. Society has reimagined Jesus Christ to match the prevailing cultural relativism of our day.  It is popular to...