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When does life begin?

The problem today is that individuals are using science to support their agenda on the morality of abortion, and altering the English language to dehumanize human babies because their location starts in the womb. Many women will argue that a “fetus” has no right to inhabit their body without their consent. I find that statement to be absolutely absurd. You consent to the possibility of pregnancy when you participate in coitus. They will also argue that it isn’t a life until it’s viable outside of the womb or is born. That line was previously drawn at 26 weeks. Science now shows that a baby can survive outside of the womb at 20 weeks. Furthermore, with all the articles that I have read, science doesn’t really provide a real answer for when life begins anymore as science is now used as a political agenda to keep abortion legal. It has been corrupted by politics when it comes to a baby in the womb. One scientist even stated that, “life begins when the mother decides it begins.” This is proving that science isn’t as reliable on this topic as one might think anymore. So where do we turn to for answers? If you are a Christian then my hope would be that you said your bible or God’s word.