The Blind World: Romans 1:16-32

Introduction There exists no choice more important for a person to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. There are many important choices to make throughout life, but all pale in comparison to the choice that will affect one’s eternal life. The short time we have on Earth is but an inconsequential moment in the infinite expanse of time…


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A Call to Holiness: 1 Peter 1:13-25

1 Peter is a letter written during a period of suffering for the early Christian Church (1 Pt. 4:12-19). It is likely written by the Apostle Peter with little dissenting opinion on authorship or pseudepigraphic authorship. In 1 Peter 1, the author presents three imperatives that ultimately call us to holiness. set your hope fully on the grace (v.13)…

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Beware of False Teachers

In our post-modern society, we have forgone the sound doctrine that so many great theologians developed. Society has reimagined Jesus Christ to match the prevailing cultural relativism of our day.  It is popular to imagine Jesus as simply an easy-going guy that was nonchalant and only preached a message of peace. Perhaps we want a Jesus that does yoga…

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